Education/Community Engagement Rubrics

Evaluating Community Engagement Programs: Suggested Evaluation Guidelines
If your orchestra has a community engagement program -- or is thinking about starting one -- but does not have the resources to include an evaluation component, these guidelines will help you benchmark progress and test alignment between your goals and what has, in fact, been achieved. Use them as a starting point, and fine-tune them to meet your orchestra's specific needs. 

Making Outstanding Education Concerts: What You Play and What You Say
At a recent League seminar, taught by Thomas Cabaniss, animateur of The Philadelphia Orchestra, and Lucas Richman, music director of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the participants developed a number of tools that should have value to those with responsibility for the development of youth and family concerts. On the assumption that outstanding youth concerts must have artistic and educational goals that are in alignment with one another and that appeal to contemporary audiences, the following materials may be of value.

Growing the Capacity of Artists Who Teach
As education departments continue to grow, there has been an increasing reliance on musicians who can reach out to the community, requiring teaching and communication skills that extend far beyond artistic talent. In order to assist education staff in growing the capacity of their artists in this area, the League has developed these guidelines to suggest benchmarks for excellence. Orchestra education personnel are encouraged to adjust and fine-tune this document to maximize its usefulness in individual orchestras.