Symphony Summer Issue 2017

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Check out this special commemorative issue of Symphony, in which we celebrate the start of the League of American Orchestras’ landmark 75th year with a look at the League’s past, present, and future. Find all the great articles, news, interviews, and photos you’ve come to expect—plus a timeline and other surprises. 

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Visions of Orchestras

As the League of American Orchestras marks its 75th year, League President and CEO Jesse Rosen considers the enduring values and sweeping changes in the art and business of orchestras.


Vital Work

Outgoing League Board Chair Patricia A. Richards reflects on the accomplishments of the League during her tenure—and the importance of supporting the work of orchestras.


The Greatness Paradox

Has the orchestral repertoire adapted and changed with the times? Critic Alex Ross examines the ways that the works orchestras play have—and haven’t—balanced the past and the present.


The Composer’s Voice

Since the League’s founding in 1942, a vast range of new works has been created, commissioned, rehearsed, performed. What orchestra pieces since 1942 do today’s composers admire? Contemporary composers share their thoughts.


Artistic Statements

The League’s artistic programs have a long history of supporting and connecting composers, conductors, and orchestra musicians. Like orchestras themselves, these programs continue to adapt to meet the needs of changing times. 

Conference: In Words and Images

From the very beginning, the League’s National Conference has brought together people from throughout the orchestra field, sparking fresh ideas, introducing new topics, and provoking discussions about critical issues that remain relevant. Here’s a look at League Conferences over the years.  

Speaking Up for Orchestras

From spurring collective action to detangling tax policy and smoothing the visa process for touring musicians, the League has long embraced an active role as a national advocate for orchestras. League VP for Advocacy Heather Noonan explains how. 

Learning Curve

Sharing knowledge and developing new leaders are core to the League’s mission, and the League has produced a broad range of seminars, courses, and learning opportunities. But the courses haven’t stood still—they are regularly updated to meet new expectations in a changing world. 

Start the Presses

It’s had a variety of names over the years, but the essential mission of Symphony magazine has endured: report the news, introduce the latest thinking, address timely issues, provide a forum, offer insight and perspective—all of it centered on orchestras.

Coda: From Sea to Shining Sea

How has the American Symphony Orchestra League grown from its 40 original members in 1942 to the League of American Orchestras today? A map charts the course.



Happy summer reading! And look for our next issue this fall.