Marlah Bonner-McDuffie

Vice President, Development

Office Location

520 8th Avenue, Suite 2005, New York, NY


646 822 4009

Marlah Bonner-McDuffie began her career in the corporate sector in the consumer brands and pharmaceutical industries. Her lifelong interests in arts and education led her to seek a career in the nonprofit sector. Marlah has extensive experience leading all areas of philanthropy, strategic planning, marketing, and business development in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Her passion for orchestral music began many years ago as a student in Philly public schools. In her spare time, Marlah enjoys hiking, teaching resistance training, and watching old episodes of The Office and Superstore. Above all else, she enjoys spending time with the loves of her life–an eleventh grader and seventh grader, and an awesome tuxedo-cat named Gus.

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