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ICYMI: Making Board Diversity a Reality
The Summer Issue of the League’s Symphony magazine includes 
a fascinating conversation among our CEO and president, Jesse Rosen, and key figures at the Charlotte (NC) Symphony. The topic: how this symphony is making board diversity a priority—and a reality, with 52 percent being people of color. 

A telling quote: “You have to be open. You have to listen. As orchestras, as a field, we know how to put on great big concerts and produce exceptional music. We’re not really that good at listening to voices from different communities. We have to be humble. That is a hard thing. Our field is still predominately white. I am a white woman, I have all the privilege that comes with that. I am still trying to learn. So you have to be humble and open yourself up. You have to be intentional about change and focused on it for the long haul.” (Mary Deissler, president and CEO of the Charlotte Symphony).
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Back-to-school Time Means Speaking Up for Music Education
In late July, the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) announced its intention to narrow the breadth of subjects assessed by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), eliminating the next Nation's Arts Report Card, the only nationally reported measurement of what students know and are able to do in the arts. Data about the status of arts education is critical for closing gaps in access to arts learning, the assessment framework supports state and local assessment efforts, and the results also fuel broad support for arts learning from parents, educators, and policymakers across the country.
The League has helped to lead efforts by national arts organizations to quickly collaborate on a unified response, calling on NAGB members to immediately reinstate the scheduled arts assessment and begin next steps to implement the 2024 Arts NAEP. The most important advocacy for music education is needed right in your own community, where the vast majority of education priorities are set. National Arts in Education Week, taking place this year from September 8 to 14, is a timely opportunity for orchestras to take action to support music education in the schools with the help of the League’s statement of common cause, Orchestras Support In-School Music Education, and related advocacy tools.
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