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Partnering to Make Music with Diverse Communities

Orchestras are reaching new audiences in unexpected ways, from collaborating with community service and educational organizations to redefining the concert experience through the use of technology.

Hartford Symphony

Musician's Care Project

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Pacific Symphony

Community Engagement

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 Contributing to Strong, Healthy Communities

Orchestras are a magnet for business, investment, and tourism, helping to revitalize neighborhoods and heal communities during times of adversity.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Health and Wellness

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Vermont Symphony Orchestra  

Driving Economic Activity

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Engaging Participants in Lifelong Learning

Studies increasingly show that creating, performing, and responding to music improves students’ success in school, work, and life. Whether a pre-schooler or senior, playing in an orchestra fosters discipline and teamwork, as well as individual skill and expression.

Allentown Symphony Orchestra

El Sistema Lehigh Valley

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San Diego Youth Symphony
and Conservatory

Community Opus Project

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Inspiring Listeners and Bridging Differences through Music

Orchestral music is a living, creative art form that draws on musicians from all genres and artists from all disciplines. A growing body of new work can be a catalyst for important conversations.

The Stockton Symphony

Resolving Conflict Through Music

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Seattle Symphony

Community Connections Project

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