Election Day Results, Lame Duck Session, and Advocacy in the New Session

November 7, 2012

Washington, D.C. – After a dramatic campaign season, Presidential and Congressional election results are in. The Obama Presidential Administration will continue into a second term, and the new Congress will officially take office in January, maintaining a Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate. Your voice will be essential to making the case for a robust national arts agenda in the coming months, as the next item of business will be for the Administration and Congress to complete unfinished business and set policy priorities and leadership positions within the new Congress. Finalization of FY13 funding bills will likely take place in the new term, as there is a continuing resolution in place through March, but this lame duck period before the end of 2012 has the potential for tax reform debates, which include policies related to charitable giving incentives.

The League will keep you up to date with the latest major news. Orchestra advocates should take this opportunity to contact Members of Congress while they are at home, reaching out to both newly and re-elected officials to describe the public value your orchestra provides in your community.

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