FY17 Round 2 NEA grants support orchestral engagement, access, and learning opportunities for students

June 16, 2017

51 Orchestra projects receive 2nd round NEA grants

More than 50 schools and communities throughout the country will interact meaningfully with orchestral music, due in part to Art Works support from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The NEA's second round of FY17 Art Works awards includes 51 direct grants to orchestras totaling $878,000, as well as many grants for projects supporting a variety of orchestra-related experiences. Grantees will bring orchestral music to rural areas that don't have ready access to live classical music; collaborate with other arts disciplines like dance, theatre, and vocal arts; help provide after-school music instruction; support interdisciplinary learning initiatives; present premieres of new works; offer free festivals; innovate programming for new audiences; support music therapy with training and participation of certified therapists; offer interactive online experiences for classrooms and students; and much more. In addition to the direct funding provided by these NEA awards, grantees often far exceed the required minimum one-to-one match of federal funds, returning on average at least nine dollars to one from other state, local, and private sources.

The League submits 
written testimony to Congress in support of NEA funding every year, facilitates one-on-one consultations with a music specialist at our annual Conference, and compiles project descriptions for grants awarded to orchestras and projects related to the orchestra field. Complete lists of grant amounts and project descriptions for awards in all disciplines may be found on the NEA website in a state-by-state listing or one grouped by funding discipline. In addition, the NEA maintains an online grant search system which allows members of the public to search all the NEA's grants since 2000 using a variety of attributes to customize search results.

The next application deadline is 
July 13, 2017 for an FY18 Art Works, Part 2 grant. Orchestras interested in applying may be interested in reviewing the League's customized tips for applying for an NEA grant.

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