NEA FY16 Grant Application Deadlines and Guidelines Now Posted

January 7, 2015

The League has prepared specialized tips to help orchestras navigate the new FY16 National Endowment for the Arts guidelines. Grant application deadlines are earlier than usual, and the NEA has created a new grant opportunity.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the NEA in 2015, and the National Park Service's (NPS) Centennial in 2016, the two agencies are working together to encourage the creation of and greater public engagement with art relating to the work and mission of our national park system. Interested applicants might consider projects commissioning and presenting new work in or adjacent to a national park, performances, or festivals in these settings, for example. Applicants also may consider NPS-managed trails, rivers, designated landmarks, historic sites, and heritage areas as sites of activity in a project proposal. Collaborative partnerships with the selected park area or program are strongly encouraged. For a project being proposed within a national park, applicants must first consult with the appropriate NPS official. See "NEA-NPS Funding Collaboration" for more details, and note that this opportunity is subject to the single application rule.

The NEA's FY16 Application deadlines are February 19, 2015 for Art Works, Part 1; July 23, 2015 for Art Works Part 2; and April 15, 2015 for Challenge America.

Read the League's Customized Tips for Orchestras Preparing an FY16 Application