Speak Up Now for Charitable Giving!

February 15, 2017

Orchestras and nonprofit organizations nationwide are joining together to urge the U.S. Congress and the new Administration to protect and expand charitable giving incentives.
The League of American Orchestras will be on the Hill this week with our partners at the American Red Cross, Goodwill Industries International, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, United Way, and many others to describe how charitable giving makes a difference in communities nationwide. Please lend your voice to this effort!
While the initial impulse for charitable giving comes from the heart, the 100-year history of charitable giving incentives has shown that tax law impacts what, when, and how much donors give. And though Congress and voters have expressed wide support for incentivizing charitable giving, numerous proposals have been made in recent years to impose new limits. A 2016 study by the American Enterprise Institute found that the proposal President Trump offered while campaigning for office, which would limit itemized deductions to $100,000 for single filers and $200,000 for joint filers, could cause giving to decline by $17.6 billion in the first year. As the President and Congress prepare their next steps, your advocacy can make a difference!
Here are ways you can take action now, and in the weeks to come:
Speak Up This Week: Contact your members of Congress. Call the local and D.C. offices of your elected officials or send an email. The League's tax policy campaign center provides background, talking points, and an email portal. Customize your message with details about how charitable giving helps your orchestra make a difference in your community! If you're using social media, be sure to include the hashtags #100yearsofgiving and #ProtectGiving.
Meet Up Soon: Check out the dates of when your members of Congress return to their home states and districts, and invite your elected officials to see your orchestra's work in action, to participate in a town hall event, or to meet with you.

Partner Up for Good: Orchestras partner with other nonprofit organizations to serve their communities, and can partner in advocacy, too. Join your state nonprofit association to find your allies and keep up with state level policies.

Follow Up: Please let the League's advocacy office know when you've made contact with any member of Congress so that we can reinforce those contacts in Washington, D.C.