BREAKING NEWS! Permanent Action on IRA Rollover Still in Play!

December 8, 2014

Congress may have a new opportunity to make the IRA Charitable Rollover permanent before the end of 2014. Last week, the House passed a package of tax provisions that would only reinstate the IRA Charitable Rollover through the end of December. If signed into law, this would give donors just a few weeks to make their 2014 contributions before the provision expires yet again. Your voice matters! Elected officials have heard the message that a short-term reinstatement is not an adequate solution for the countless communities that rely on charitable giving. Congress is considering a streamlined version of the America Gives More Act, which was passed by the House this summer but not taken up by the Senate.

The House may soon vote to send the Senate a new bill that permanently reinstates three charitable giving incentives, including the IRA Charitable Rollover. The House, then Senate, may vote on this new charitable giving proposal in just days, so time is of the essence! Contact your elected officials right away and urge their support for permanent enactment of the IRA Charitable Rollover! Every vote is crucial, and with Congress planning to wrap up for the year by the end of this week, the window of opportunity is quickly closing.

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