President signs new education law – new opportunities to increase arts education access!

December 10, 2015

Today marks a new era of opportunity to ensure that every child has access to arts and music education. We know that the highest poverty schools currently have the least access to music education, denying many students all of the advantages that a complete music education can provide. Orchestras work every day - through their programs, partnerships, and policy engagement - to increase access to music education in our nation's schools and communities.

The new education law - the Every Student Succeeds Act - signed by President Obama today reverses many of the policies of the No Child Left Behind Act that narrowed the curriculum, firmly establishes that every child deserves access to a well-rounded education, and declares that federal education dollars may be used by states and local school systems to provide increased access to music and arts education.

Congratulations to all of the orchestra advocates who weighed in with their elected officials to ensure that music and arts education are supported in the new law. Standing together, and working side-by-side with our partners representing parents, principals, teachers, and administrators in the broader education community, our collective efforts have resulted in a new federal law that opens opportunities for more supportive state and local arts education policies.

The League provides a preliminary outline of the new education law, and will develop new resources to help orchestras understand implementation, and be the most effective advocates at the state and local levels. In the meantime, thank you, for engaging in the policy process!