Tell Congress to Protect the NEA!

Washington, D.C. - The Congressional funding process for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has begun on a sour note.  Yesterday, the U.S. House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee voted in favor of a proposal to reduce funding for the NEA from its current funding level of $146.3 million to an FY13 allocation of $132 million.  The NEA's budget has already been cut in the past two budget cycles.  The further reduction proposed by the Interior committee will threaten the NEA's capacity to make grants in communities nationwide.

It is extremely important that all members of Congress hear from constituents across the country about the NEA's work to broaden access to artistic excellence, foster lifelong learning, and conduct research of national significance.  NEA funding increases the capacity of orchestras to provide public access to performances, preserve great classical works, support arts education for children and adults, and nurture the creative endeavors of contemporary classical musicians, composers, and conductors.

Congress will continue the budget process throughout this summer, and likely into the fall - every vote will count, so ensure today that your Representative and Senators know the value of NEA funding for your community!

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