Take Action: Demonstrate Your Orchestra's Public Value to Congress!

What to Do on THEIR Summer Vacation: Meet with Congress

Washington, D.C. - Meetings and events in your own backyard can be the most effective way to connect with your members of Congress. What you say and show to your Senators and Representative can have a direct impact on the way they support your orchestra.

The stakes are very high, and we need your voice to be heard as we brace for the blizzard of policy decisions that will be made just following the elections.

Members of Congress will break and go to their home districts and states August 4 through September 9 before returning to D.C. to consider spending bills and potential changes to charitable giving incentives in the context of short-term or comprehensive tax reform.

It is essential that you, as a representative of your orchestra, meet with federal lawmakers and their staff to demonstrate the vital benefits provided in your community. Explain how important your tax exempt status, charitable giving incentives, and federal support are to fulfilling the public mission of your organization. Click on any of the following issues to find key talking points prepared for you:

Key Issues for Orchestras:

Start Making Your Plans Today!

Contact your members of Congress now and set up a time for them to observe a community-based program, attend a summer concert, or simply meet to discuss how your orchestra provides public value. As always, we invite you to share your advocacy stories with us and contact League Government Affairs staff with any questions. We will reinforce your meetings with key contacts in Washington, D.C., and will keep you informed of further policy developments.