League's NEA FY13 Grant Tips Now Available - (January 23, 2012)

Download Today: The League’s Tips for Orchestras Applying for NEA FY13 Grants

January 23, 2012, Washington, D.C. - In addition to advocating for federal support for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the League of American Orchestras compiles and reports the agency’s yearly grants to orchestras, advises orchestras of upcoming grant opportunities, and provides unique tips for orchestras applying for NEA support.

The NEA recently posted its FY13 Grants for Arts Projects guidelines. To assist orchestras, specifically, with the application process, the League attends the public sessions of NEA review panels, attends the National Council on the Arts public meetings, and confers with NEA program staff to outline helpful tips for preparing your application. Our Tips for NEA Grant Applications (.pdf) is updated each year to compile the links you’ll need, gather expert advice from panelists and program staff, and call special attention to important changes all applicants should know.

  • As first reported in November, the NEA has confirmed that it will no longer be accepting consortium applications for FY13 grants. In the past, an organization could apply up to two times - once on its own, and a second time in partnership with other organizations. The new single-application rule means that applicants must choose to apply either for an Art Works or Challenge America grant, with the additional important change that Arts in Media (formerly known as the Arts on Radio and Television) is now incorporated into the Art Works: Media Arts category and therefore also subject to the single-application rule.
  • Another important change is that work samples can only be submitted electronically from now on. Detailed information and a breakdown of the schedule for submitting work samples via the new NEA GrantsOnline™ System (NEA-GO) are contained within the League’s Tips resource.
  • Art Works: Arts Education grantees should know that they will need to submit their assessment tools in the final report, and these tools may be shared publically.
  • Lastly, selected grantees involved in the presentation of art will be required to conduct surveys of audience members to gauge the nature and extent of audience response to these art experiences. These selected grantees will receive materials, technical assistance, and up to $1,000 in nonmatching supplemental funding from the NEA.

Find more details, contact information for NEA program specialists, and valuable advice from NEA panelists in our customized Tips for orchestra applicants!

Download the League's Tips for NEA Grant Applications (.pdf)


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