Orchestras, like many other charitable organizations, are able to serve communities by virtue of their tax exempt status and the deductibility of private donations.  Policymakers can increase charitable giving by improving tax incentives such as the IRA Charitable Rollover.  Congress should also protect our cultural heritage by permitting artists, writers, and composers to take a fair market deduction for contributions of their own works to museums, libraries and archives. As Congress and the IRS intensify their focus on new accountability requirements for nonprofit governance and administration, the orchestras continues to work in coalition with the greater nonprofit community to weigh in on proposed new rules and regulations.

Contacting Congress is simple and will make a difference. We have prepared three advocacy campaigns with essential background, talking points, and a template letter for you to personalize your communication with policymakers. Please note that identical copies of your letter will go to both of your Senators and your Representative.

Protect Charitable Giving Incentives

Revive the Artist Fair Market Deduction