The Music Paradigm: Demonstrating Relevance and Building Audience Through the Power of Music and Metaphor

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Thursday, May 28, 2015 8:45 am 10:00 am


During his years as music director of the Jacksonville and Stamford symphonies, Roger Nierenberg realized that many important community leaders didn’t feel connected to symphonic music. He created The Music Paradigm to illuminate the music and demonstrate its relevance in all corners of the community. The Music Paradigm is now presented worldwide, using music of the great masters to provide organizations—from civic groups to Fortune 500 companies—with fresh insights about driving superior performance, aligning the workforce, and inspiring innovation.

One of the most interesting findings of The Music Paradigm is that presenting music as metaphor has the unexpected power of tapping peoples’ inner creativity, and simultaneously breaks down barriers between musician and audience. Professionals as diverse as senior executives, accountants, nurses, sales people, and many other vocations learn about leadership and teamwork. But the approach also unlocks an unanticipated appetite for classical music and a new appreciation for musicians and their work.

This session explores how the lessons of The Music Paradigm might be applied by orchestras to help attract and build engaged audiences, support fund raising and cultivate corporate and community relations.

Speaker: Roger Nierenberg, creator, The Music Paradigm

The Music Paradigm: Building Audiences
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