Friday June 8, 11:30AM to 1:30PM

Check This Out!

 A small group of innovative projects will be shared in short presentations, followed by the chance to learn more at roundtable briefings.  We will introduce work in the areas of audience initiatives, artistic projects, business model experiments, community and education work, social and digital media, which have potential for replication and learning by the field at large.

The innovative projects to be featured in the Check This Out! session include:

  • Pacific Symphony, OC Can You Play With Us? (Audience initiative)
  • The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, New Membership Initiative (Business model experiment)
  • Caminos del Inka, Inc. (Artistic project)
  • Madison Symphony Orchestra, HeartStrings Program (Community and education work)
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Live from Orchestra Hall Webcasts (Social and digital media)
  • New World Symphony, New Ears, New Eyes – What New Audiences Are Telling Us (Audience initiative)


Deepening Community Engagement/Earning Public Value

Come prepared to roll up your sleeves for this interactive workshop and explore what community engagement really means. You will better understand your strengths, vulnerabilities, and potential in relation to your community. And you will develop some actionable steps as a result of participating. You will also hear from orchestras who are “walking the walk” in terms of authentic engagement with their communities, and learn how to leverage artistic initiatives for the greater social good, as well as how you can more fully engage musicians as partners.  

Charles Grode, vice president, the institute for learning, access and training, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Sarah Johnson, director, The Weill Music Institute, Carnegie Hall Corporation; Jane Kenworthy, executive director & CEO, Stockton Symphony; Heather Noonan, vice president for advocacy, League of American Orchestras

Inventing the Future

This session will be curated and hosted by a group of young staff and artistic leaders. Some work inside orchestras, others stand a step away – deeply interested and invested in our institutions…. but with questions. Come prepared to work together in exploring the future of our art form, of the orchestral institution, and of what it means to deepen community ties, engage and re-engage audiences; and build curiosity, loyalty, and investment from the next generation.

Bill Brittelle, co-founder, New Amsterdam Records; Angela Fuller, principal 2nd violin, Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Scott Harrison, senior director of patron engagement & loyalty programs, executive producer, digital media, Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Jose Luis Hernandez-Estrada, fellow, New England Conservatory; Caitlin Sullivan, The Academy alum, cellist IRIS and The Knights

Conducting Masterclass with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Four emerging conductors will work with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra on the Dvorák Symphony No. 7. Come and see important new talent at work!

Dvorák              Symphony #7


Participating Conductors:

Ankush Kumar Bahl
Brandon Keith Brown
Daniel Stewart
Octavio Más-Arocas

Miguel Harth-Bedoya, music director, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra  (Bio)

Sponsored by Caminos del Inka

Orchestras Ascending

While many orchestras have (and are) facing hard times, we offer three stories of a different sort. This session features three varied perspectives from orchestras who are changing their intuitional narrative - working their way from scary times to new models of organizational behavior. By addressing the urgent questions around financial sustainability, artistic vitality, and community relevance, these orchestras will inspire you to think differently about your orchestra’s future.

Chuck Berginc, principal trumpet, Phoenix Symphony, chairman, The Phoenix Symphony Association's Orchestra Committee, member of the Phoenix Symphony Board;  Bill Conner, Jr.,  managing director and CEO, Columbus Symphony Orchestra;  Ted Finn, chief financial officer, Gardner, Inc., board member Columbus Symphony Orchestra;  Fred Miller, president, the Chatham Group, Inc.;  Anne Parsons, president and CEO, Detroit Symphony Orchestra; James Ward, executive director, Phoenix Symphony;  Brian Ventura, assistant principal oboe, ICSOM representative, and orchestra committee chair, Detroit Symphony Orchestra