Building the Governance Partnership: The Chief Executive's Guide to Getting the Best from the Board, Second Edition


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In a constructive partnership with the board, the chief executive works hard to provide leadership that engages the board in exceptional governance — work that requires a lot of time and energy. Building the Governance Partnership offers practical tips and perspectives to help you manage this considerable investment of time and build a partnership with your board that is based on support, trust, honesty, forthrightness, respect, and understanding. Within its pages, you'll learn how to work for, work with, and work the board. And while it is time-consuming work, the rewards — the success of both you and your organization — are worth the effort.

You'll learn how to

  • establish the board culture that is right for your organization
  • practice self-management and cultivate relationships
  • inform and communicate with the board
  • facilitate a balance in roles and responsibilities
  • structure the board's work
  • plan for transitions

Each chapter ends with short essays written by a nonprofit chief executive and a board chair. These unique perspectives provide a personal touch to the topics covered.

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Fundraising Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, Second Edition

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Board members must ensure that their organization has adequate resources. One
way they can do that is by being active in fundraising activities. This book shows
board members how to support fundraising efforts, no matter the size of the organization.
It explains strategies, offers guidelines for evaluating the results of efforts,
and recommends helpful ways that board members can be involved every step of the way.

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The Board Building Cycle: Nine Steps to Finding, Recruiting, and Engaging Nonprofit Board Members, Second Edition


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Good boards do not just happen: they take care, thought, and planning. The second edition of this must-have bestseller features nine steps for your board to follow through the board development process, including:

  • identifying, cultivating, and recruiting prospective board members
  • orienting new board members
  • encouraging board members to become more active
  • educating the board about the organization’s work and context
  • rotating out board members to make room for new skills and insights
  • engaging the board in a self-evaluation
  • celebrating the board’s victories and successes

This book is intended not only for organizations where the board is charged with selecting its own members but also for organizations where the authority to appoint new board members rests elsewhere. Also included is downloadable content containing forms, worksheets, sample documents, and a PowerPoint® presentation for orienting new board members.

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ePolicy Sampler – Ethics and Accountability


A BoardSource eBook

BoardSource offers Downloadable Policy Samplers in 10 different topic areas to help you create specific policies for your organization. Each Downloadable Policy Sampler covers several subtopics and includes an introduction to the subtopic area, key elements, practical tips, suggested resources, and several dozen sample policies.

The Ethics and Accountability Sampler includes 46 samples on the following:

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Values
  3. Code of Ethics
  4. Diversity Statement
  5. Conflicts of Interest
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Whistleblower Protection
  8. Record Retention and Document Destruction

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